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GE Power Pro X500 review: Second verse, same as the first (almost)

Successor to the popular GE X5 megazoom, the X500 gets little more than a megapixel bump, but remains a decent budget-friendly compact with several sought-after features.

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GE took an if-ain't-broke approach with the Power Pro X500. Almost nothing changes from its predecessor, the X5. There's just a bump in resolution from 14 to 16 megapixels and some new scene modes. Otherwise, it retains all the same things that made the X5 a popular camera: a wide-angle lens with a 15x zoom; an electronic viewfinder (EVF); semimanual and manual shooting modes; and power from AA-size batteries--all for a very reasonable sub-$150 price.

It's that price and its feature set that helped earn the camera its above average rating. The X500 is capable of taking some nice photos, too, under the right circumstances. The increased resolution isn't all that useful, though, and it actually seems to slow down the camera's performance some. On the other hand, if you don't need fast performance and you rarely enlarge or heavily crop your photos, you might find the X500 to be a very satisfying camera.

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