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GDC 2009: God of War III spotted, filmed

Shown off behind closed doors at the Game Developer's Conference was God of War III, a hopeful "system seller" for the PS3.

One of the big marquee games expected later this year (or early in 2010) is God of War III. It's a title industry watchers say is one of the few shots the beleaguered PlayStation 3 has left to score with a "system-seller," that will prompt fans to buy the expensive console just to play it.

Shown off behind closed doors at the Game Developer's Conference, it's not unexpected that someone in attendance (not us, we weren't even there) would surreptitiously film the secret presentation of early gameplay and promptly post it on YouTube (from there, it's popped up on almost every major game site).

Check out the shakycam footage below -- it certainly doesn't seem to stray far from the classic God of War style, with series protagonist Kratos fighting an assortment of enemies ripped stright from Bulfinch's Mythology.