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Gcast: even easier than PodOmatic

Gcast: even easier than PodOmatic

A reader of the version of my last post pointed out that there's an even easier podcasting tool than PodOmatic: Gcast. While Gcast doesn't offer the record-from-your-PC function of PodOmatic, it makes it incredibly easy to podcast from your phone. It literally took me three minutes from hearing about the service to posting my first cell phone podcast.

I wouldn't want to record podcasts from a phone too often; cell phone audio quality varies from completely awful to just acceptable, for one thing. And Gcast doesn't have all the useful options and controls that PodOmatic does.

On the other hand, Gcast is brought to you by the GarageBand people, and they are building facilities to make podcasting music from the GarageBand site easier. So it's probably a better bet for fledgling and indie musicians.

I stand by my assertion that this type of tool will be a standard feature of all blogging and community sites very soon.

P.S. I wrote this blog post from the seat of my car, waiting for the AAA to come tow it (snapped clutch cable, second time in four years, thanks a lot, Saab). To the neighbor whose Wi-Fi I borrowed, I wish I knew who you were so that I could thank you.