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Gay activist pays $100,000 for "Brokeback" shirts

A self-described gay activist entered a winning auction bid of $100,000 for two cowboy shirts worn by the stars of the film "Brokeback Mountain."

Tom Gregory won the eBay auction Monday with a bid of $101,100.51 for the cowboy shirts worn by actors Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal in the story of star-crossed gay lovers, according to he Associated Press.

Gregory entered the bid with only 28 seconds remaining in the 10-day auction. He told the AP he plans never to wear the shirts and to keep them "as they were, on the hanger, entwined."

The film, which has grossed more than $68 million according to estimates, has inspired scores of homosexuals while offending many fundamentalists.

Focus Features donated the shirts to benefit Variety -- The Children's Charity of Southern California.