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Gawk at this life-size Lego big rig

Vroom vroom! Need a lift? Check out this monster-size 1:1 scale Lego truck made from 250,000 bricks.

Lego driver not included. 3D Car Shows

Goodyear decided to kick off this year's IAA Commercial Vehicle show in a gigantic way with the reveal of a life-size Lego big rig. While you cannot drive this mock truck, at least we can marvel at the fact that it weighs 1,631 pounds and contains a quarter of a million Lego bricks.

Similar to a real-life hauler, the Goodyear Lego truck (cab only) stoutly stands at 11.5 feet tall by 8.2 feet wide by 8.2 feet deep and features several realistic touches such as functional headlights, real tires, and a neat little Lego license plate. Supposedly, the overall build took nearly 410 hours to complete, which is a little over the equivalent of 17 straight days of Lego artisanship.

The tire company plans to auction off the semi on October 19 for charity through -- anyone care to guess the astronomical price of shipping something like this?