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Gator's defense: Twisted logic

A reader writes that Gator's "service" is akin to E. coli: He gets sick when he has to digest it.


Gator's defense: Twisted logic

In response to the August 17 article "Software replaces banner ads on top sites":

In this article, Scott Eagle, chief marketing officer of Gator, justifies their alleged "service" on the premise that the Net surfer invites their service when they load a plug-in. His logic is flawed.

An analogy would be: A net surfer goes into a fast-food chain, orders a hamburger and receives E. coli ported in the meat residing between the layers of the bun.

Using Eagle's logic, the Net users invited the E. coli because they ordered the hamburger. Who cares if the Net surfer gets sick, which is what the pop-ups do to me when I am looking for site content.

Jim Giebelhaus
Littleton, Colo.