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Gather ye iPhones while ye may.

A message for those sick of the iPhone.

We need to have a talk.

Listen, the horned one knows you're really sick of hearing about the iPhone. Heck, Jonathan Ive is probably sick of hearing about the iPhone.

"If I hear one more word about what a design genius I am I'm just going to scream!"

The good news is, it's going to get better. The rest of the year will be more Mac-centric as Apple starts shipping new hardware and Leopard is released in October. Jobs has alluded to some great new hardware announcements in the near future and visions of tiny laptops are dancing in Merlin Mann and Leo Laporte's heads.

But let's also be realistic.

The reason the Mac and the Mac OS are still walking the Earth in Rasputin-like defiance of every silly pundit that filed story after story about their impending death is that Apple and Steve Jobs found "the next big thing."

Don't be an iPhone hater. The iPod and now the iPhone are the reasons Apple is not only still in business but why OS X and the Mac are enjoying greater success.

The Macalope has said it before, but this is a golden age for Apple. Enjoy the ride while you can.