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Gateway's low-priced (we think) 23-inch monitor

A look at the Gateway FHD2303L.

Notice the dip? No? The left side of the panel dips down. Not a huge problem, but still noticeable. Josh P. Miller/CNET

In my point of view, $250 is a really low price for a monitor; however, I'm constantly inundated by users asking for recommendations for monitors under $200.

Other than a few exceptions, most monitors under $200 are either not worth their price or are intended for those who don't mind a sub 21-inch screen. In my opinion, the Gateway FHD2303L's $250 price is indeed a low price for a monitor, especially a 23-inch, LED-based monitor.

That, of course, doesn't necessarily mean it's worth your hard-earned moola. To see how moola-worthy the Gateway FHD2303L is, come see the full review.

Also, the monitor hub should be able to assist you if the Gateway fails to be the answer to all your visual needs.