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Gateway unwraps new eMachines PCs

Computer maker takes an early shot at holiday shoppers with desktops starting at $339, after a rebate, and a low-priced notebook.

Taking an early shot at holiday shoppers, Gateway unveiled on Thursday a range of eMachines notebook and desktop PCs.

The new systems include an entry-level notebook--the eMachines W4605--at $799, and five desktops ranging from $339 to $599. Gateway also released a new $269 17-inch LCD display. All prices are after a $50 mail-in rebate.

"We're expanding the distribution of our eMachines PCs through Wal-Mart, (which) will be selling an aggressively priced notebook PC that's sure to be a sought-after holiday gift," William Diehl, Gateway vice president of marketing, said in a statement.

The latest eMachines notebook from Gateway runs on an Advanced Micro Devices Sempron 2800+ processor and supports 802.11g integrated wireless service. It also includes a CD-RW/DVD combination drive, 512MB of DDR memory and a 60GB hard drive.

The new desktop machines are 64-bit PCs, and all but one have AMD Athlon or Sempron processors. At the high end, the eMachines T6524 has 1GB of memory, a 200GB hard drive, two optical drives and seven USB 2.0 ports. At the low end, the eMachines T3304 has a Sempron chip, 512MB of memory and five USB ports.