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Gateway systems pack terabytes

Gateway on Tuesday launched a pair of storage systems to augment its line of rack mount servers for small and medium-size businesses, government agencies and educational institutions.

The Poway, Calif.-based company's 850 storage system can hold up to 1.7 terabytes of data using a maximum of 12 Ultra 320 SCSI hard drives. Its $2,999 starting price includes three 36GB SCSI hard drives. Meanwhile, the Gateway 820 Linear Tape Open Autoloader offers a tape backup system capable of storing 1.6 terabytes of data compressed on eight LTO cartridges. The autoloader starts at $5,799 and comes with a single 200GB cartridge, Gateway said. The storage systems, which are each 2U, or 3.5 inches, thick, fit into a rack with Gateway's servers.