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Gateway snubs Intel as it looks to future

Gateway will rely on chips from upstart Transmeta for its new line of Internet appliances, while Intel rival AMD becomes a bigger part of its PC business.


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Gateway charts its own course by choosing chips from upstart Transmeta and a version of Linux for Internet appliances it's developing with America Online.

"Obviously, this is a threat to Intel..."

- Technology Business Research analyst Kelly Spang


Gateway taps Transmeta over big names
In another sign of Intel's and Microsoft's waning dominance, Gateway and AOL select Transmeta to provide processors and software for an upcoming line of Internet appliances.

AOL tests Linux-based Web appliance software
The online giant is testing new software that will allow Linux-based Web appliances to access its popular services and browse the Web.

Gateway chief looks beyond the desktop
While some chief executives are motivated by future prospects, others thrive on tackling challenges right in front of them.

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Faced with a continued shortage of Intel processors, Gateway says it will double the amount of chips it gets from Advanced Micro Devices.