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Gateway NX100: one sleek ultraportable

Gateway NX100: one sleek ultraportable

Gateway just announced its first ultraportable laptop since 2002, the NX100 (sold to businesses as the E-100M), and I've had a chance to spend a fair amount of time with it. When I opened the box, it was love at first sight--with brushed-aluminum details, dark blue status lights, and a sleek case that's less than an inch thick, this is one good-looking laptop. The great design is even more surprising when you consider the NX100's low starting price: $1,399.

Our review unit cost $1,625 and had pretty average specs for an ultraportable; its performance was about the same as previous-generation Pentium M-based systems we've seen. Find out more in our full review of the Gateway NX100.

Gateway NX100