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Gateway LX 6810-01 scores high marks for media hounds and gamers

The affordable Gateway LX6810-01 scores high points for offering high-end components right off the shelf.

Although most media editors and gamers tend to put together desktop systems themselves, there's still a large portion of shoppers who just want the least amount of hassle. For those people, Best Buy offers the Gateway LX6810-01, an off-the-shelf system that can easily satisfy the demands of power users, light gamers, and home video enthusiasts.

The Gateway's physical shape and size is comparable to Dell's XPS 430-121B, but that's where the similarities end. Several features give Gateway the upper hand in a side-by-side comparison with the Dell.

For example, it has more RAM (although the Dell uses DDR3 RAM that runs at a faster processing speed) and much better graphics card equipped to handle heavy media editing. These additions translate to a much more fluid gaming experience in our Unreal Tournament 3 test compared with the Dell.

Be sure to check out our final word on the Gateway LX 6810-01 in our full review.