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Gateway joins race for fast notebooks

Gateway 2000 is the latest vendor to announce a notebook based on Intel's 133-MHz Pentium.

Gateway 2000 has become the latest in a long list of vendors to announce a notebook based on Intel's 133-MHz Pentium processor.

Gateway is also announcing a mid-range 100-MHz Pentium notebook. The systems are part of the Gateway "Solo" notebook line, and each will feature:
--a fast 66-MHz bus to increase the speed of information transfer between peripheral devices (current models have 50- and 60-MHz bus speeds);
--an 11.3-inch SVGA active-matrix LCD screen;
--a quad-speed CD-ROM drive;
--a lithium ion battery;
--an optional docking station;
--2GB hard disk drives in the near future.

A fully loaded system priced at $5,849 includes a 133-MHz processor, 40MB of RAM, a 256K level-2 pipelined burst cache, 1MB video RAM, 1.2GB IDE removable hard disk drive, 4X CD-ROM drive, 28.8-kbps modem, 1.44MB removable floppy disk drive, and integrated speakers. Pricing for the Solo line of multimedia notebooks starts at $2,899.