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Gateway joins color-laptop trend

Gateway brings color to its consumer line.

Gateway laptops now come in color
Hipster looks on a PBR budget. Gateway

Actually, we're declaring the color-laptop trend to be no longer a trend, but rather a standard feature. A few weeks ago, Dell, not exactly known for its cutting-edge designs, announced that it would offer a fleet of new Inspirons in a range of color choices. And now even Gateway has launched two new notebook lines--the 14.1-inch T series and the 15.4-inch M series--available in three colors.

Inside the red, blue, or gray exterior (subtly pattered with a series of dissolving spheres), you'll find a computer that's classic Gateway: plenty of configuration options ranging from inexpensive to moderately priced. Every new T series or M series laptop includes a Core 2 Duo processor (though not always the latest version of Centrino Duo), an integrated Webcam, and snazzy media controls. Upgrade options include HDMI, fingerprint reader, 802.11n Wi-Fi; the M series also offers the option of a 1080p-capable display and discrete ATI graphics.

The best part is the price: the T-6815 and M-6816, available at retail stores after July 22, start at $899. But don't think Gateway cheaped out on components to hit that price point: we've had a gray Gateway T-6815 in our offices for a little while and have to say that we're pleased. At that price, it won't blow our benchmarks out of the water, but it did give us plenty of performance for basic computing tasks. And it just looks so much more expensive than it is. Read the full Gateway T-6815 review.