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Gates hits out at H-1B limits

Bill Gates offers a scathing critique of U.S. immigration rules. Also: Tech's generation gap.

Calling up the specter of a "centrally controlled economy," Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates questions the need for H-1B visas. Also: Tech's generation gap.

Gates wants to scrap H-1B visa restrictions

Microsoft's chairman comes to Washington to offer a scathing critique of immigration rules.
April 27, 2005

Photos: Taking aim at federal H-1B limits

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, other panelists discuss U.S. immigration policy during a Library of Congress panel discussion.
April 27, 2005

Has tech employment turned a corner?

The U.S. technology industry lost 25,000 jobs last year. The good news: It may have hit bottom, a study says.
April 26, 2005

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College freshmen less interested in tech

Percentage of incoming freshmen saying they'll major in computer science drops significantly.
April 22, 2005

China closing the tech gap?

Country is becoming a center of innovation, according to some experts. Another view is that China is likely to be stuck as follower.
April 21, 2005

Can Johnny still program?

Following worst performance yet by U.S. students in a global coding contest, ACM President David Patterson has a few suggestions.
April 19, 2005