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Tech Industry

Gates, enemies clash in Senate

The Senate's hearing is a national forum for enemies of Microsoft from Washington to Silicon Valley--and Bill Gates himself is defending the fort.

Special coverage: Gates enemies clash on Capitol Hill March 3, 1998
1:30 p.m. PT
Special coverage: Face-off

Today's Senate hearing on industry competition becomes a forum for Microsoft critics from Silicon Valley to Washington.

Gates: No monopoly
update The CEO insists that Microsoft should not be held to monopoly antitrust laws.

Tough questions dodged
news analysis Bill Gates shows how executives have learned well from politicians.

Foes take Microsoft to task
update Netscape and Sun Microsystems say Microsoft has to play by different rules.

Rivals walk a fine line
news analysis Jim Barksdale and Scott McNealy endorse regulation, but not for them.

GOP split on Microsoft
news analysis Republicans are divided over Sen. Orrin Hatch's aggressive stance.

Bill on Capitol Hill
commentary Gates tries to stage-manage the Senate hearings--but fails.

CNET Radio coverage
Hear key testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.


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The Internet lets you go wherever you want to go. That openness is a cornerstone of what we want to do.


Microsoft can say it's not a monopolist, but if you want to take it to a would be a slam dunk.