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Gates and Jobs: Same stage, same time

The two tech titans will share a stage next week at a tech conference.

Now here's the tech world's equivalent of Nixon going to China.

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates will share a stage next week at the D: All Things Digital tech conference in California next week for a 75-minute joint interview.

Besides a brief shared appearance at an Apple event in 1983, the two have never appeared together in public before. The prospect has bloggers in a lather over what will be asked, what should be asked and what they'll say. (A guess: "So, do you think Barry Bonds is using or what?")

(CNET will provide extensive coverage of all things D:, and yeah, we do plan to swing by the Gates-Jobs (er, Jobs-Gates?) session.)

Blog community response:

"If the questions aren't a bunch of softballs written by shovel-headed PR wonks, this has all the potential in the world. If it's treated like a staged celebrity event, then not so much."
--Graceful Flavor

"This will be big, and I have that feeling. Maybe our world will be a better place through this meeting? Nah, I'm being overly optimistic with that statment."
--The Computer User Videophiler blog

"MacUser off-track betting is now open on how long before the conversation devolves into name-calling and hair-pulling. Three minutes is the current favorite, at 2:1. Place your bets, and we'll find out on Wednesday."