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Garmin gets eco-friendly with new routing option

To help drivers save money and fuel, Garmin introduces a new ecoRoute routing option that suggests fuel-efficient navigation.

Garmin's EcoRoute might save you money and help the planet. Garmin

Garmin's been quite busy at CES 2009, and the show hasn't even officially started yet. In addition to introducing the Garmin Nuvi 885T, Garmin Zumo 660, and the nuMaps Lifetime Map Update Program, the GPS manufacturer announced something called EcoRoute.

EcoRoute brings a new routing option to Garmin Nuvi devices (in addition to faster time and shorter distance) and creates itineraries based on the most fuel-efficient course. You can even select your vehicle type under the "Vehicle profile" option in the Tools menu and enter your car's fuel economy.

Other features include a Fuel Report and a Mileage Report that tracks and monitors your mileage and fuel usage on a per-trip basis. Plus, you get fuel-saving tips and the ability to enter current gas prices so the Nuvi can calculate your savings when using the EcoRoute option.

Garmin's EcoRoute is available as a free software download from the company's Web site, where you can also check for device compatibility.