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Garmin adds Spotify to its music watches

Got Spotify Premium? You'll be able to download and listen to music offline with compatible Garmin music watches.

The Spotify app will initially be available for the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Series.


Spotify is coming to another smartwatch -- but it's not the Apple Watch.

Garmin on Wednesday announced that it's integrating the popular music streaming service with compatible Garmin music watches, starting with its Fenix 5 Plus Series.

Owners of the Fenix 5 Plus Series who subscribe to Spotify Premium can now sync playlists directly to their watches via Wi-Fi, taking their phones out of the mix. They can then access their playlists through the Spotify app on their watch. 

The Spotify app is available now in the Connect IQTM store for the Fenix 5 Plus Series. Garmin currently has a handful of music watches, including the Forerunner 645 Music and Vivoactive 3 Music. "More models will be supported soon," a company spokesperson told CNET.

Previously, only Samsung featured Spotify integration with its smartwatches. Apple, as noted, has yet to offer it with the Apple Watch.

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