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Hey, that's Luke Skywalker and Frodo trapped in a jar

With punny names rooted in pop culture, an artist in Minneapolis is giving live moss terrariums a decidedly geeky side.

A miniature Mario explores in a mossy world. Was that a koopa?! Moss Love Terrariums

Like ordinary terrariums, each of Jacie Anderson-Coovert's glassed gardens contains a small green world of its own. What makes hers extraordinary is the addition of familiar characters from pop culture, coupled with a novel name.

Unicorns, gnomes, and zombies pop up in her tiny terrains, as do popular TV shows, films, and video games like "Game of Thrones," "Star Wars," "Lord of the Rings," and "Super Mario World."

Or as she's humorously coined them, "Game of Terrariums," "Moss Wars," "Lord of the Moss," and "Super Moss World."

The botanical beauties generally measure up to 8 inches tall and up to 6 inches wide. You can buy them at Anderson-Coovert's online store, Moss Love Terrariums, starting at $32.

She's the Mother of Terrariums! Moss Love Terrariums

(Via The Mary Sue)