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Garden sim 'Plant Tycoon' extends its roots

Handheld game Plant Tycoon is about to blossom on the Mac and PC.

Plant Tycoon, a garden simulation game that lets players nurture simple backyard gardens into lavish nursery empires, is about to set down roots in the PC and Mac. Now here's an upbeat title even grumpy game foe Jack Thompson might like.

Plant Tycoon
Last Day of Work

Created by game studio Last Day of Work, the new version of the handheld title lets players breed and cross-breed species, within a budget, in a search for six magic plants. Solve the genetic puzzle and you'll be rewarded with wealth--and virtual horticultural fame.

In a nice twist on real-time green-thumbing, the gameplay continues unless you pause it, so you may return to your monitor to find a verdant burst--or a bug-infested mess, depending on how faithfully you've tended your digital oasis.

Previously, Plant Tycoon was only available for Palm OS and Windows Mobile Pocket PC. The new versions are due to start blooming in September, for an estimated price of $19.95.