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Gaming industry: Playtime is over

special coverage Price wars are raging ahead of E3, an industry conference that focuses on all things gaming. Microsoft wants Xbox to lead online gaming; will the company be as successful as Sony in that quest?


Game console leaders clash over prices, developers

By CNET Staff
May 24, 2002, 4:35 p.m. PT

Price wars are the rage at E3, an industry conference that focuses on all things gaming. Microsoft wants Xbox to lead online gaming; will the company be as successful as Sony in that quest?

Online gaming industry seeks golden key
Online gaming via consoles may well revolutionize the game industry and the Internet--just don't hold your breath.

E3 shows game industry's true colors
Spandex-busting booth babes show off games that seem to have come off an assembly line with about five components. But some gear manages to stand out for reasons weird or wonderful.

Xbox struggling with math test
For the software publishing industry, video games are a numbers game. And for now, Microsoft is on the losing end. Game publishers say it's a simple matter of economics.

"Myst" adds twist to online gaming
As the Internet-gaming market seeks mainstream appeal, the creators of one of the most popular PC games ever propose a new, TV series-like model.

Sony trash-talks Microsoft, others
The electronics giant kicks off the game industry's biggest trade show by touting its huge sales lead over rivals with its PlayStation 2.

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Microsoft Xbox
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Microsoft Xbox
Sony PlayStation 2
Nintendo GameCube

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Xbox: The cost of Live-ing
Microsoft will spend $2 billion over five years to make its machine the leading video game console and to build the network for online Xbox gaming.

U.S. Army invades game business
The U.S. Army announces that it is developing two role-playing and strategy PC games that it will distribute in a free package to serve as recruiting tools.

Transforming a laptop into a robot
Evolution Robotics says it can transform an average laptop PC into an intelligent robot with a kit that includes a rolling platform and a Webcam for capturing visual data.

GameCube's price cut in Japan
The widely expected markdown will take effect next month and will make Nintendo's game console the cheapest on the Japanese market.

"The Sims" sign up with Sony
Electronic Arts says the popular PC game, which lets you create and control a virtual family, will make its game console debut this fall on PlayStation 2.

"Star Wars" to play on Xbox, PlayStation
The video game division of George Lucas' multimedia empire says it will develop new online games for the two consoles. Sorry fans: No release date yet.

Nintendo gives GameCube a markdown
Still have doubts that a game machine price war is under way? Nintendo makes the battle crystal clear by undercutting rivals Sony and Microsoft.

Microsoft signs up "EverQuest" team
While Microsoft didn't offer any information on upcoming products, the move is seen as a signal of Microsoft's growing interest in subscription-based online games, an emerging but profitable business segment.

Sony shaves price of PlayStation 2
The electronics giant responds to growing price pressure in the video game industry, cutting the North American price of its PlayStation 2 game console by $100.

Microsoft trims Xbox price
The tech colossus fires the second shot in the video game industry's growing price war, following rival Sony's decision to make an identical cut in the price of its PlayStation.

Game industry girds for battle
Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will launch new campaigns in the game console wars at next week's Electronic Entertainment Expo. The main weapons: online gaming and price cuts.



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