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Gaming has a growing presence at CES 2014

At the Consumer Electronics Show, Sony shows off the streaming game service PlayStation Now, Steam Machines roll in, and Oculus beefs up its virtual reality headset.

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As the annual Consumer Electronics Show rolls on in Las Vegas, we're checking out new video game tech. Sony unveiled its PlayStation Now streaming service and Valve pumps out new Steam Machines for playing PC games on your living room TV. CES is also a time where we see new concepts, like advances in 3D virtual reality gaming and ways to play Android games on your TV.

In this episode:

- Watch a demo of the PlayStation Now streaming service.

- Learn why the Steam Machines could shake up the gaming status quo.

- Play Android games on your TV by docking the Snakebyte Vyper tablet to your TV.

- Get a first look at the enhancements made to the Oculus virtual reality headset prototype Crystal Cove.

- Rock a retro Polaroid style with the Socialmatic camera, coming out later this year.

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