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GameStop now selling Android tablets for gamers

The retail gaming outlet is starting to sell Android tablets spruced up with several games and the option of a wireless game controller for the full effect.

One of GameStop's bundled tablets. Screenshot by CNET

GameStop is now in the Android tablet business.

The retail gaming vendor is starting to sell three Android tablets outfitted and accessorized as gaming devices.

GameStop is offering gamers a choice among the 7-inch Acer Iconia Tab A100 for $329, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 for $499, and the $399 Asus Eee Pad Transformer. To transform them into gaming machines, the retailer is bundling six titles with each tablet--Dead Space, Monster Madness, Sonic CD, Cordy, Riptide GP, and Re-Load.

To further cement the deal, the company is including the Kongregate Arcade Android app, which gives gamers an online portal with access to more than 500 free games, the ability to compete against others, and a place where they can share reviews and comments about different titles with fellow users. GameStop acquired the Kongregate gaming site last year.

To complete the experience, GameStop is offering a wireless gaming controller with each tablet for an extra $39. Resembling the familiar design used for Microsoft's Xbox and other gaming platforms, GameStop's controller runs on Bluetooth and is rechargeable.

GameStop's trade-in program allows customers to bring in their old games, consoles, accessories, and even an iPod or iPhone to apply toward the purchase of a tablet. The three tablets will be available online and at select GameStop stores around the country starting tomorrow.

By selling tablets, GameStop is tapping into the growing audience of casual gamers--those who are perfectly happy playing games on an iPad or Android device instead of shelling out extra money for a game console.

But GameStop President Tony Bartel still has faith in the dedicated gaming arena. Speaking with IndustryGamers recently, Bartel said that digital content has become important in today's gaming market but he that believes consoles will still retain their value over the next several years.