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Gamers: Meet the Trash Cade

DIY is good, but so is style, which is why this homemade Street Fighter IV arcade just doesn't do it for us.


I'm all about DIY and doing things within a budget, but I'm also about style. That's why I can't get behind this homemade Street Fighter IV arcade...uh, console. It's called the Trash Cade, and it appears as if it's going to fall apart at any moment.

We really don't know much more about this thing, but it certainly caught my eye on TechEBlog. I'm actually good friends with the fourth-ranked Street Fighter player in America (hi, Xin!), but if he were to try his luck with the Trash Cade it would be ready for the recycling bin before he got to Balrog.

I'd like to see one of of these for the old arcade classic Rampage. Imagine getting beaten by your friend and then retaliating by destroying his cabinet. That would rule.

I just updated iShoot (great game!) for my iPhone. I also just got a package from Amazon. I think I'll take a box knife, some electrical tape, and my bedside table and make something like this up.

Or maybe it's time for me to get another coffee.