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Gamers growing up

Gamers growing up

As E3 fever winds down, you can instead direct you attention to the latest fact sheet released by the ESA, otherwise known as the Entertainment Software Association. That's the trade group for the game industry that runs E3 and generally tries to put a good face on everything the industry does.

Every year the ESA releases a detailed demographic and trend report titled "Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry." In the recently released 2006 version, the ESA claims that the average age of gamers is now 33 (it seems to creep up by a year or so every 12 months), which means there's at least one valuable demographic group we're not aging out of just yet.

Other interesting numbers claim that 38 percent of gamers are female (a number that's been pretty steady for a few years) and that the biggest titles of the past year were Madden 06 for consoles and World of Warcraft for PCs. The ESA says the data comes from a survey of 1,700 "nationally representative households" that own at least one console or game-playing PC.