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Gamers fight back: Video shows Internet cafe patrons battling would-be muggers

Video surveillance footage from a Hawaiian Internet cafe shows PC gamers fighting back against a group of masked thugs.

A punch lands, knocking this gamer's eyeglasses off.

An amazing video clip aired by a TV news station in Hawaii (and which we first showed you on this week's Digital City podcast) shows the PC-game-playing patrons of a local Internet cafe fighting back against a gang of bandanna-wearing thugs intent on robbing them. According to the blow-by-blow description from KHON2 News:

It is just before midnight on Wednesday. Devin Wolery is sitting at the counter at PC Gamerz in Kaneohe watching over his nine customers when two masked men walk in...Video surveillance shows him reaching to push a panic button to alert police when things escalate. "Boom right there, jumps and punches me in the face--knocks my glasses off."

Trying to shake the gamers down for money, a fight breaks out when one patron refuses to hand over his Nintendo DS. After a brief but intense scuffle, the masked men escape, but are picked up by police blocks away. The owner of the Internet cafe claims the would-be muggers were in fact former customers, which might explain why they covered their faces.

In explaining why the gamers engaged in real-life fisticuffs with their assailants, one of the customers gave an impassioned defense of his actions, saying:

I mean we're gamers, we've been immersed in that culture where, like, we all want to [be] Superman. You know we're missing something partial in our brain that says, "Yeah, this might be dangerous.

(Source:, via Kotaku. )