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Gamers drive blue-laser market

Blue-laser technology is making money, despite the standards uncertainty between Blu-ray and HD DVD.

A correction was made to this story. Read below for details.

Gamers are not waiting to see who becomes the Betamax of the blue-laser technology standoff.

Game consoles, driven by Sony's upcoming PlayStation 3 with Blu-ray technology, are expected to make up almost half of the $2 billion in revenue predicted for the blue-laser market in 2006, according to a new report from the Santa Clara Consulting Group.

The Blu-ray and HD DVD markets are predicted to collectively surpass $28 billion in global sales by 2010, according to SCCG.

By 2010, blue-laser gaming consoles are predicted to reach $6 billion in sales and the games themselves could reach $10 billion, SCCG said.

"Currently, the market seems to be preoccupied with the format battle between Blu-ray and HD DVD technologies; what is overlooked is the fact that a market is developing and the opportunity is huge," David Bunzel, managing director of SCCG, said in a statement.

The expectations are based on estimates of growth in the related blue-laser technology markets: game consoles, , movies, games, PC drives and blank media.


Correction: The article incorrectly stated the technology expected to drive revenue in the blue-laser market for 2006. It is Blu-ray technology found in game consoles.