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Gameloft teases Modern Combat 5 ahead of E3

Poor Venice is already sinking, but Gameloft shows no mercy for the canal-crossed Italian city in a trailer for the next installment of the mobile first-person-shooter series

Mobile device gamemaker Gameloft is putting Venice in the cross hairs of its next Modern Combat title, judging by a trailer for the game released ahead of next week's E3 conference.

The teaser doesn't tip its hand on what devices will be getting the game or when, but it does show off slick graphics. The visuals for the trailer no doubt cherry picks the new game's best scenes, but it still shows an improvement upon past parts in the franchise.

What we do know: players can count on helicopters, guns, and explosives turning precious art and architecture to dust. Plus high-speed boat chases in the canals, a la "Moonraker."

Modern Combat keeps with the traditional military garb, though, with no snazzy '70s suits or amphibious morphing speedboats for you.