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Gameloft brings Lumines to cell phones

Gameloft brings Lumines to cell phones

In another big Gameloft announcement, the company has developed a mobile version of Lumines, arguably the most beloved, if not the most addictive, game on the PSP. The music-influenced block-dropper has undergone a pretty awesome mobile makeover, with all-new skins and music tracks, new block shapes, and even the addition of a third color to the original two-tone puzzle. There's also a brand-new Arcade mode made specifically for the mobile Lumines. Arcade mode incorporates blocks with different functions, such as blocks that cause explosions or increase your score with huge bonus points. There are 20 levels in Arcade mode, plus there will be major "bosses" to beat every few levels. This is by far one of the best cell phone games I've seen at E3, and if you're a fan of the original Lumines, you should definitely check this game out.