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Watch 'Game of Thrones' theme song played on calculators

This geeky tribute to the hit HBO series shows how punching the numbers can also make sweet music.

Fans have paid tribute to the "Game of Thrones" theme song on everything from wine glasses to an old NES gaming system.  

But YouTube user It's a Small World wins for the geekiest homage to the beloved theme by playing it on calculators. 

A video posted on Jan. 10 shows the song being expertly played on four Senbonzakura AR-7778 calculators. This kind of calculator does more than help you to balance your checkbook, it can also play musical notes when you punch its buttons.

Think of the Senbonzakura AR-7778 as a cross between a Mr. Calculator and a Casio keyboard. 

Previously, It's a Small World has posted videos of melodic calculator theme song covers for Star WarsPokemonSuper Mario and more. 

If It's a Small World takes requests, how about a tribute to the "Doctor Who" theme song or perhaps "The X-Files."