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See Kit Harington audition for other 'Game of Thrones' parts

Ygritte was right. The actor who plays Jon Snow knows nothing -- about playing other characters on his hit show, that is.

Actor Kit Harington does a terrific job playing sad-eyed Jon Snow on "Game of Thrones," but what if he'd landed another role? No, not Jaime or something logical. We're talking Cersei. Or Arya. Or a White Walker, even.

Harington gives his co-stars a run for their roles in this clip from "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in which he tries out for six different parts on the HBO fantasy hit. Let's just say when it comes to other characters, the man who plays Jon Snow knows nothing. He can't pronounce Cersei's name, shoots himself in the face with Ygritte's bow and somehow manages to mess up Hodor's only line. 

There's a kind of not-safe-for-work moment when, as Daenerys, he shows off his, uh, "dragons," though said dragons are both plastic and fuzzed over. And then he gets an idea to try auditioning for another fantasy epic, and things really get weird.

"Game of Thrones" returns to HBO on Sunday July 16.