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Learn High Valyrian in time for the 'Game of Thrones' return

"I smell my drunk uncle." Duolingo will launch a High Valyrian course so you can talk about dragons, and relatives, in the fictional Game of Thrones" language.

The correct High Valyrian word for "ocean" is "embar."


You made your own Iron Throne. You spent hours gabbing with a "Game of Thrones" chatbot. Now it's time to step up your fandom by learning High Valyrian, one of the fictional languages from the HBO show. Language-learning software maker Duolingo will launch High Valyrian in beta on its website this Thursday, which gives you a few days to pick up some key phrases before "Game of Thrones" returns on July 16. 

Duolingo will teach you handy phrases like "Ñuhe averilloma kepe ykynan" ("I smell my drunk uncle") and "Varys zaldrīzerme Dovaogēdī majaqsa" ("Varys admires the indestructible Unsullied"). 

David J. Peterson, the linguist who created the Dothraki and Valyrian languages for the TV series, worked on the Duolingo course, so you can be assured any dragon-training commands you learn will be effective. 

Duolingo is known for its interactive language courses covering everything from Spanish to Japanese, but it's also not afraid to dabble in fictional creations. The company is working on a Star Trek Klingon language course, which is expected to launch in August.