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Game of Thrones composer rocks theme on Nintendo Labo piano

Watch composer Ramin Djawadi play the game of cardboard.

You've heard the endlessly catchy Game of Thrones theme done on calculators, in a mariachi style and with floppy drives. Now witness composer Ramin Djawadi using a Nintendo Labo piano for a fascinating rendition of his iconic music.

IGN posted a video on Sunday showing Djawadi's very first experience with a Nintendo Switch gaming console and the papercraft cardboard piano that comes as part of the Labo Toy-Con 1 Variety Kit. 

Djawadi's piano skills instantly transferred to the little keyboard as he laid down the bass line and melody before layering on some electronic drums. 

While the theme songs totally works on the Switch, the finished tune has more in common with this weird NES keytar variation than the symphonic version heard on TV.

The video should make you long for a Zelda/Game of Thrones mashup.