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Every act of betrayal from 'Game of Thrones' in one image

Turns out you can't trust the people of Westeros as far as you can throw them (unless it's off a cliff).


Cersei Lannister, queen of betrayal.


If there's one thing you can trust about the characters of "Game of Thrones", it's that you can't trust any of 'em. 

As we await the arrival of season 7, this insidious infographic is a stark (geddit) reminder of how treachery, betrayal and general two-facedness is a way of life in Westeros.

The stats fans at Venngage totted up each betrayal featured in the HBO TV show (just the show, not the George RR Martin novels) to see who was double-crossing who, and why. Unbridled ambition, burning love or or just plain old revenge motivated characters to turn on allies and even family members at the drop of a hat (or crown). Across six seasons that adds up to a whopping 77 different acts of base treachery.

This graphic contains spoilers for all seasons of "Game of Thrones". If you're all caught up, it's a nice reminder of previous perfidiousness ahead of season 7. If you haven't caught up with all six skulduggerous seasons -- beware spoilers!

Click on the image to embiggen, or check out the interactive version at Venngage

Every act of treachery in "Game of Thrones".


It turns out perfidy pays off: those who have carried out the most egregious underhandedness have done pretty well from their wiles. Just look at the duplicitous Lannisters: from Ned's beheading to the harrowing of the sparrows, they've made treachery their most treasured trait. And now Cersei has finally claimed the Iron Throne after a series of backstabbings that would make Brutus, Judas Iscariot and Benedict Arnold blush. As the saying goes, the family that betrays together...

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The forthcoming season will be the show's last, and will no doubt double down on the double-dealing in feature-length episodes as characters make their final play for the Iron Throne.

Season 7 of "Game of Thrones" premieres 16 July on HBO in the US and then on Sky Atlantic in the UK. 

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