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Game of Thrones Battle of Winterfell most tweeted episode in TV history

Fans flood social media with 7.8 million tweets about "The Long Night."


The Night King turns his frown upside down!


The horrifying bloodshed and deaths in the latest episode of Game of Thrones clearly struck a nerve with fans. 

The Battle of Winterfell earned the honor of being the most-tweeted episode in TV history, according to reports on Monday. 

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The episode called "The Long Night" included a dramatic 67-minute battle scene in which beloved Westeros heroes battled the White Walkers, with very bloody results. 

The battle resonated with Game of Thrones fans so strongly they posted 7.8 million tweets about the episode.

Twitter confirmed on Monday that the Game of Thrones episode was "the most tweeted about episode of scripted television ever with nearly 8 million tweets."

Another Game of Thrones episode takes the second-place spot for most tweets. The series' April 14 season 8 premiere earned over 5 million tweets, according to Variety.