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'Game of Thrones' actor says what we were all thinking

Spoilers ahead, but let's just say that in Westeros, sometimes a straight line isn't the best path to survival.

Rickon Stark zigged when he should've zagged. Wait, no, he did neither.


Warning: spoilers ahead for the latest "Game of Thrones" episode.

We've all yelled at the TV, whether it's bemoaning a character's dumb romantic decision (ahem, Olivia Pope, ahem) or cursing out a favorite team's coach. (Seriously, Pete Carroll? Bizarre slant pass at the 1-yard-line in the Super Bowl?)

Sunday's "Game of Thrones" episode inspired some delighted yelling (Sansa let the dogs out!), but also at least one moment of face-palming fury. Here comes your spoiler, viewers who are a week behind.

When a bow-and-arrow toting Ramsay Bolton lets Stark youngling Rickon run across a field to his half-brother, everyone except Jon "Knows Nothing" Snow knew he was doomed. Ramsay was a cruel sadist, but he was no idiot.

But Rickon? Kinda was. Plenty of television viewers watched him run in a straight line, even after realizing Ramsay's arrows were aimed his way. Not that he could've survived -- surely the butcher of House Bolton would've found some other way to take him out -- but a swoopy swerving run might've seemed smarter.

And the actor who played Rickon, Art Parkinson, agreed, as he shared in a tweet he's now pinned atop his timeline.

Parkinson elaborated on the run in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, when a writer flat-out asked him why he didn't mix it up a little on his doomed run to daylight.

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"That's more of a question for the writers," Parkinson said. "I just stick to the script! But in the moment, I really wanted him to make it. I put everything into it."

Thanks anyway, Rickon. Your death made us quiver. And that's the only archery joke I know.