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Game of Phones: Iron Throne iPhone case gets to the point

Rule the Seven Kingdoms by claiming the power of the Iron Throne with an iPhone case that mimics the infamous chair.

Don't try to sit on this.TheCommonRoom

The Iron Throne from "Game of Thrones" is crafted from the swords of fallen foes. The Iron Throne iPhone case, however, appears to be crafted from the swords of fallen cocktails. Etsy seller TheCommonRoom offers the handmade $24.99 case for iPhone 4, 4S, and 5.

The iPhone case version of the Iron Throne looks about as dangerous as the real thing. Think of it more as a display object or a small piece of crafty art rather than a case you should actually use (you don't want to accidentally poke an eye out when you go to answer a call).

TheCommonRoom cautions: "This is a 'novelty' item. Though it is fully functional it is not meant to replace your everyday protective phone case." The description asks buyers to keep it away from children and to handle it with care, warnings that would also work equally well for George R.R. Martin's Iron Throne.

One place where it might make sense to clad your phone in this case is at a comic con, like cosplay for your iPhone. It would go quite well with your Joffrey Baratheon costume.

If the Iron Throne is just too pointy for you, but you still want a weird and geeky iPhone case, TheCommonRoom also sells a fluffy Chewbacca case that should be friendlier to pack to around.

Iron Throne iPhone close-up
A close-up look at the sword details.TheCommonRoom

(Via Technabob)