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'Game of Molds' intro replaces Westeros with fungi growth

The "Game of Thrones" title sequence goes to the science side when King's Landing, Winterfell and Mereen get replaced with beautiful time-lapse footage of mold growing.

The "Game of Thrones" opening sequence is legendary. The theme song pulses as the camera flies across the Seven Kingdoms, closing in on cities and structures growing out of the ground. Does that remind you of anything? How about time-lapse videos of molds and fungi? The thought occurred to some Reddit users, including one by the name of Octagon_Time_Machine, who remade the series intro with mold growing.

The recut video was inspired by a GIF of a mold time-lapse shared on Reddit. The original moldy video footage comes from Vimeo user Lariontsev Nick's gorgeous short film titled "aspergillus fumigatus botrytis mucor trichoderma cladosporium." Those are all names of various molds and fungi on display. The growth cycles took place over periods ranging from two to eight days.

The new intro works wonderfully well. You can even imagine which cities the various molds and fungi might represent. The first one looks very Dorne. The second could easily be in the frozen lands beyond the wall. It helps that the catchy theme music adds drama to any video it accompanies. Now just imagine Tyrion intoning, "There's a fungus among us."