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Game in style with...vinyl?

iStyles vinyl skins let you dress up your Wii, Xbox, Playstation and iPod devices in patterns ranging from Monet's Water Lilies to "Undead."

Wii with Monet's Water Lilies.'
Wii with Monet's Water Lilies iStyles

Gelaskins may offer vinyl to dress up your iPods, but what about your gaming devices?

It seems like Colorforms, while in a different form, are back for our generation. Only this time, instead of applying them to a stick-it board or fridge, you use them to adorn your high-tech toys.

Azure skin for Wii nunchuk and remote.
'Azure' skin for Wii nunchuk and remote. iStyles

iStyles offers art and patterned vinyl skins for stylizing your Wii, Apple TV, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, iPod and portable gaming devices.

Prices range from $5 for a Wii nunchuk/remote skin set to $6 for an iPod nano skin to $25 to cover your entire Xbox.

The iStyles come in Monet and Van Gogh themes, as well as patterns with names like "Atomic," "Robo-B," "Swanky Red" and "Undead."

As with other vinyl skins, the iStyles versions can be stuck on and peeled off easily to change it up, without leaving glue or residue on the device. The company says that the skins are resistant to heat and that it will replace the skin for free if it "ever smudges, wears, fades or blurs."

What's next? Master Chief and the gang as Shrinky Dinks?