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Game Developers Conference: PS3 online, Revolution games, Zelda DS

Game Developers Conference: PS3 online, Revolution games, Zelda DS

This second wave of gaming info coming from the Game Developers Conference in San Jose may not have the eye-catching appeal of the rumors that swirled at the outset of the event, but taking straight from the mouths of execs during their keynotes, you can take these comments to the bank (only to be turned away when the teller points out that you can't deposit comments). Let's break this down by system, shall we?

  • PlayStation 3: As stated before, the system's online service (officially called PlayStation Network Platform) will be free, with this expected caveat: Charges for microtransactions and specific games will be up to the game company. The biggest news from Sony's camp is that games for the system will be region-free, meaning you can play a game made in any territory on any PS3.
  • Revolution(?): While nothing in the way of a finalized name or release date was mentioned for Nintendo's next console, we did receive information on what will be under the hood: most notably, hundreds more games. While everyone following the "Revolution" already knew that the console would allow downloads of games from the company's past consoles, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed that games from two consoles that once opposed the Super NES--Sega's Genesis and Hudson's TurboGrafx--would also be available. No word yet on download pricing.
  • Nintendo DS: For the first time in a while, the biggest news at a gaming trade show wasn't about the hardware, as Nintendo announced a new Legend of Zelda game will be available for the DS. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass borrows a lot from the stylized GameCube Zelda title, The Wind Waker, while adding plenty of touch-screen compatibility, such as marking up maps and completing rudimentary puzzles. No release date is available, but wouldn't it be something if it came out before the perpetually delayed Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess? For more info, check out GameSpot's first look, complete with gameplay footage.
  • Source: GameSpot

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