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Game Boy to handle text messaging

A new add-on will enable Nintendo's popular Game Boy Advance to handle text messaging, much like mobile phones.

As the territorial struggle continues between cell phones and handheld gaming devices, software maker Majesco is readying a wireless application for Nintendo's popular Game Boy console that will let the gadget handle cell-style text messaging. Edison, N.J.-based Majesco, which publishes games and makes Nintendo-licensed accessories, said Thursday that its Wireless Messenger is designed to let users send instant text messages via their Game Boy Advance. The product will be available later this year. Majesco already makes video compression technology that lets Advance users watch commercial-grade video on their Nintendo device.

With mobile phones entering the arena of wireless gaming, Nintendo is trying to turn the tables and is equipping its own device with cell phone-like features. Last year the company announced a wireless adapter, with Motorola chipsets inside, designed to let as many as five players link up wirelessly.