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Galaxy Tab dock looks robotastic, hitting UK in February

The world's first dedicated speaker dock for the Samsung Galaxy Tab will be on sale in the UK in February, and it looks sensational.

iLuv's ArtStation Pro is the world's first speaker dock for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and it's coming to the UK in February, a spokesperson has confirmed.

The dock will work with all tablets in the Galaxy Tab range, and like some iPad docks, will let you rotate the arm depending on what you want to use the Tab for. No 1: Robot butler, obviously.

It's been officially announced for the US, going on sale this month, and will hit the UK early next year. "It is definitely coming to the UK in February," an iLuv spokesperson told us, though they said they didn't have a confirmed RRP yet. iLuv's UK site will have more info in January. In the US, it'll sell for $150 (around £100).

It uses iLuv's jAura acoustics to provide the sonic goodness, and as well as rotating to portrait or landscape, the arm tilts, letting you adjust your Galaxy Tab exactly how you see fit. That feature should be handy for avoiding direct sunlight too. There's also a remote control, so you won't have to get up, and it sticks to the back using magnets, so you'll never have to hunt for it again.

The ArtStation Pro (or iSM254, to use its technical name) works with all sizes of Galaxy Tab, from the 7.7 to the 10.1. It's part of the Designed for Samsung Mobile partnership between the Korean company and iLuv, so expect plenty more Samsung-specific accessories incoming. Something for the Galaxy Note, perhaps? We'll have to wait and see.

There haven't been too many Android docks around until now -- Philips is the only notable company making them recently, with its Fidelio range.

So would you buy a dock for your Galaxy Tab? Let us know below or over on Facebook.