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Galaxy S8's Bixby delayed, but do you care? (The 3:59, Ep. 209)

Fitbit's smartwatch might also be delayed and Amazon lets you spy on your kids' viewing habits.

We hope you weren't too keen on using Samsung's new digital assistant.

It turns out, Bixby won't be ready when the Galaxy S8 launches on April 21. The company just said the assistant will launch in the spring.

We discuss whether this even matters, since customers don't necessarily buy phones for digital assistants. They're likely more keen on the camera and battery life. And of course, there's the big ol' screen too.

We also talk about Fitbit delaying its smartwatch efforts into the second half of the year, and whether people even care about smartwatches.

Lastly, we look at Amazon's new Parent Dashboard and discuss if we would use the new service on our kids.

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Galaxy S8 launches without Bixby, but will you care? (The 3:59, Ep. 209)


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