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24-hour Galaxy S8 Active coming soon to T-Mobile and Sprint

Look for Samsung's more durable phone in November.

AT&T won't have the Galaxy S8 Active market cornered for long.

Samsung announced on Tuesday that the more durable version of its Galaxy S8 are coming to T-Mobile and Sprint. 

T-Mobile: Nov. 17 online and Nov. 22 in select stores for $820 off-contract (you'll be able to buy it on two plans). T-Mobile is also promoting the phone with a sweepstakes adventure for two.

Sprint: Still waiting for details; check back in.

They'll both stock the S8 Active in meteor gray, while AT&T also sells it in titanium gold.

We dropped, froze and dunked the S8 Active, which comes with a "shatterproof" screen, reinforced corners and a rubberized backing instead of glass. It also has a huge 4,000-mAh battery, which gave our review unit 24 hours of battery life in our looping video playback tests (in airplane mode). That's a huge asset.

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Besides those small but significant differences, the S8 Active shares the same core hardware and software features as the Galaxy S8. There's a larger screen-to-body ratio with slimmer bezels, and a Bixby Voice button on the side... that you can't program to do anything else.

There are some clear trade-offs with the S8 Active versus an S8 and a durable case, so make sure you know what they are before you decide which S8's for you.

Update, 6:52 a.m. PT: Added T-Mobile's pricing details.

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