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Galaxy S5 teased in 'next Galaxy' Samsung Unpacked trailer

Samsung's 36-second trailer appears to promise all of life's best moments, to the power of five.

The much-anticipated Galaxy S5 has been teased in a new trailer for Samsung's upcoming Unpacked event, where we're promised a glimpse of 'the next Galaxy.'

The 36-second ad gives little away, but features uplifting clips and words associated with life's best moments (such as 'courage', 'play' and er, 'selfie'), with a tiny '5' popping up next to each one. At the end there's a flurry of clips while the word 'life' is held on screen, also with a small '5'.

Now, it's been a while since I was in maths class, but if memory serves, a number in that spot means 'to the power of'. Were I a gambling man, I'd suggest this means we'll see Samsung talking about how its new technology delivers life -- to the power of five.

We're rumoured to get a glimpse of the Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy Gear Fit alongside the S5. The 'five' could be a hint at the number of gadgets we'll see unveiled -- though Samsung doesn't generally hold back when it comes to new devices, and I wouldn't be surprised if we see more than five new toys revealed at the Unpacked event.

The big reveal is scheduled for Monday evening, so keep your eyes trained to CNET for all the news as it happens. Next week's Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona will see new phones and tablets from plenty of major manufacturers, so gadget fans will want to keep their eyes peeled.

What do you think of Samsung's teaser video? Have you spied any hidden, cryptic clues? Let me know in the comments below.