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Galaxy S4 works without touching the screen in video leak

Leaked videos show how you can control the new Samsung Galaxy S4 without even touching the screen.

Look but don't touch: a quartet of leaked videos show how you can control the new Samsung Galaxy S4 without even touching the screen.

YouTube user istevencom has posted a series of videos showing what appears to be the S4 in action, just hours before the launch later this evening.

The floating touch feature sees you hover your finger over the screen to select something without touching, popping up a preview of the picture or item you're interested in, rather like the Galaxy Note 2's S Pen Air View.

The Web browser even scrolls when you wave your hand over the phone, also showing off some seriously quick fingerwork for fast scrolling and zooming.

You do have to touch the lockscreen to unlock the phone, but now you get sparkly flares where you touch and swipe.

When you're watching a movie and you're distracted, you might not have time to tap pause as you look away. But you don't need to touch the phone with Smart Pause, which freezes your film or video when the phone detects your eyes have moved away and you're no longer looking at the screen.

New features aside, the S4 looks pretty much identical to the Samsung Galaxy S3, the company's phenomenally successful current Android flagship. As revealed by leaked images, the S4 shares the S3's curved edges, disappointing phone fans who wanted to see a cutting-edge new look for the year's hottest new phone.

The S4 is officially unveiled tonight in New York, and we'll be there for all the first news, previews and videos. If you don't mind staying up late you can watch the launch live and follow our rootin' tootin' live blog: here's how to follow the S4's unveiling.

What do you think of the S4's new features? Is it a big enough change or is the S4 too similar to the S3? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.