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Galaxy S4 price to drop 25 per cent in 6 months, stats say

Waiting a few months before buying Samsung's glitzy new mobile could save you a chunk of change, number crunchers say.

Waiting a few months before buying the Galaxy S4 could save you a packet, number-crunchers reckon.

The Galaxy S4 could be sporting a discount of up to 15 per cent within the next three months, and have its SIM-free price slashed by a quarter within half a year, stats from price-comparison bods Idealo suggest.

The figures come from monitoring the average SIM-free price of the Galaxy S4's two predecessors, the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy S2, since they launched. The price drop of both models follow a very similar path.

If the Galaxy S4 follows that predicted price trajectory, you could snap it up for much less cash if you're happy to keep using your current phone for a few months longer.

The 16GB S4 is currently listed at a whopping £580 SIM-free. 25 per cent off would see you snatch a discount of £145, for a total price of £435. Personally I suspect the S4 could be cheaper than that in six months time, as the current UK stock-squeeze could be inflating the SIM-free price of the phone.

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The Galaxy S4 is the crème de la menthe of the smart phone world, offering owners a stunning 5-inch display, a powerful quad-core processor and more apps and features than you will ever feel the need to use.

Are you planning on buying the S4 immediately, or will you wait for the price to drop? Let me know in the comments or on our Facebook wall, and study this handy list of things to do while you wait for the S4 to become cheaper.

Things to do while you wait for the S4 to be cheaper: