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Galaxy S4 Mini, iWatch and Windows Blue in Podcast 332

What if the Mini Egg version of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 turns out to be a scam? And is the Apple iWatch one to watch?

As Easter approaches, there's no treat like a Mini Egg. But we're wary of a Mini Egg version of the new Samsung Galaxy S4: what if it turns out to be a scam like the S3 Mini?

We answer this and discuss other burning technology issues of the day, such as Three's relaxed attitude to 4G and the policeman who shopped his own son for running up a £3,700 iTunes bill. We also get the blues as we look at the future of Windows 8 with Windows Blue.

Join the CNET UK team for a leisurely bank holiday jaunt direct from our state-of-the-art podcast hovel to your earflanges. Luke, Andrew and Rich discuss whether the rumoured Apple iWatch is one to watch, and we're joined as ever by listener favourite Otamatone.

And we turn to you, bootylicious listener, for your questions. What are our headphones of choice? Could Android take on Windows on your desktop? Is voice recognition ready for the Bristol accent? And why does Microsoft even bother?

Whether your gadgets are playing up and you need some advice, or you've got an opinion to share about the technology issues of the day, leave us a comment below or have your say on our Facebook page -- it's full of folks who love gadgets as much as you do, plus you'll get plenty of behind-the-scenes glimpses at life in CNET Towers.

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